Jewel in the Crowd

Welcome to Tereza Drábková’s jewellery portfolio.

Browse throught the gallery full of handcrafted soutache and beaded jewellery made in the Czech Republic with the finest materials.



Long or short, colourful or tone-on-tone, with soutache or just beaded. I make all of them


Fancy a beaded rope for everyday wearing, or rather a soutache choker for your special evening?


Not a fan of necklaces? What about a matching bracelet to your earrings for an event then. Or something else to brighten up your day.

Hair accessories

From luxurious headpieces to exotic hair needles.


Bored of your winter coat? Looking for the final touch on your spring jacket?

About the artist

My name is Tereza Drábková and I come from the land of beads – the Czech Republic which is a beautiful small country in the middle of Europe.

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